Want to launch a ROCKSTAR SUPERSTAR PROJECT KLUBZ in your school or community?

The ROCKSTAR SUPERSTAR PROJECT KLUBZ convey to those involved that there is hope to realize one’s dream and that what is needed to make it happen comes first from the desire within.

The ROCKSTAR SUPERSTAR PROJECT KLUBZ convey to those involved that there is hope to realize one’s dream and that what is needed to make it happen comes first from the desire within.

The ROCKSTAR SUPERSTAR PROJECT’s mission is simple – it is to inspire. To encourage others to take steps towards accomplishing their dreams. To find the courage to stay out of one’s own way and then take their ideas and turn them into a reality by pursuing them relentlessly. That’s exactly what I did. I have learned that through my own hard work and due diligence that I do have a purpose in life. That’s what I want others to find when they become involved with the ROCKSTAR SUPERSTAR PROJECT KLUBZ.

While speaking at schools on such topics as substance use disorder, bullying, responsibility and dream catching I began to notice a common theme. For months after a school presentation or a community event I would continue to receive messages from staff, parents and students about the on-going concerns in their schools and communities. I began to see the importance of continued engagement in these very real and crucial conversations and how some of these stressors were keeping people stuck and not moving forward in their lives. It was a sign to keep striving to create opportunities for crucial conversations and encouraging people to dream catch. Receiving messages about how excited a student is to be pursuing something they never thought possible is one of the things that opened my mind up to the idea of RSSS KLUBZ; a vehicle to encourage, inspire and support others to seek their dreams.

The ROCKSTAR SUPERSTAR PROJECT KLUBZ was born from the idea that finding the strength to overcome paves the way to the ultimate discovery; the discovery of oneself and eventually one’s dreams. The RSSS KLUBZ is based on the things that I do every day to overcome and to be one step closer towards accomplishing the goal that I have locked in my sight. Because being able to do this is part of the gift of why we are here, isn’t it? To dream and to experience the magic in the realization that anything is possible.

I didn’t always think this way. Before I found recovery, I looked at my dreams as lofty or unobtainable. I avoided their quest by using excuses. These excuses were really my insecurities and lack of self-confidence. However, all that changed when I found sobriety because recovery has brought clarity and a sense of self; a purpose driven life. As soon as I had clarity long enough to see the value in myself I launched into chasing my dreams and I haven’t stopped chasing them since.

I found the means to recruit many of my childhood rock star heroes for a music CD when I had never written one nor knew how to network my way towards these heroes. Yet it’s what I envisioned and I never took my eye off the vision that I wanted to record and play along with my childhood rock star heroes. This was no small task but I knew I could do it if I wanted it bad enough. I believed the dream of writing and publishing my own book to see it one day sit on store shelves across America was attainable as long as I held on to the desire to see it through. And now major retail book stores and addiction book retailers are inquiring about The First 30 Days to Serenity for their book shelves. The thought that one day I could create a tour that would make its way across America every year to spread the message of hope through music and arts is one that someday I will look back and celebrate as another accomplishment in my life. All these ideas, all of these dreams were accomplished through hard work and determination and with the help of a very few select resources in my life.

The First 30 Days to Serenity: The Essential Guide to Staying Sober

The First 30 Days to Serenity: The Essential Guide to Staying Sober - written by Super Star

Yet through it all I have learned a lot. I learned how to design the CD artwork, start a record label, mange the musicians, learned how music was digitally and physically distributed and created websites to promote the merchandise; all without a dollar to my name.

And with my book, same story only a different industry. I didn’t let over 200 publishers saying “no” stop me from achieving this goal. I started my own publishing firm because that’s what it took. I only ever saw these detours as opportunities before me. Never did I think that when all the doors were so often closing in front of me that there wouldn’t be another door around the corner ready to be opened.

My list of accomplishments goes on and on and they all stem from a desire to flourish and embrace life to its fullest potential. I learned to overcome and use obstacles not as an excuse but as direction. I pay attention to each lesson and let each “no” become another gallon of fuel in my tank to take me across the finish line.

I have learned that the ultimate journey starts within myself by first having the dream, keeping my eye on that vision and most importantly taking responsibility by putting one foot in front of the other doing the next right thing until that dream becomes a reality.

The ROCKSTAR SUPERSTAR PROJECT KLUBZ will take those involved with it and show them that there is hope; that dreams do come true and that any dream, no matter how many others around you tell you that it’s unrealistic, that it in fact is possible.

We want to encourage teens to find what they are passionate about and pursue it with relentless fervor. So that they too know they can be whatever they would like to be … even a Super Star or a Rock Star! We are already INSPIRING and spreading HOPE for generations to come!!!!

Want to launch a ROCKSTAR SUPERSTAR PROJECT KLUBZ in your school or community? Click on the following link for more information! Click HERE


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High school motivational speaker, Super Star, yes that’s his legal name, was once a former owner/president of a successful cutting-edge computer consulting firm and he lost it all to a 15 year drug addiction. Super Star has since left his life on the streets in pursuit of recovery so he could mingle with Hollywood’s elite and follow his dreams. He has subsequently rebuilt his life with a purpose and commitment and now devotes his time to inspire others to move beyond destructive behaviors including anti-substance use campaigning and personal coaching. In his quest, he legally changed his name to Super Star so that people would remember his message and guess what? It’s working! To learn more about Super Star and his programs please visit

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