I bet you can’t give me one good reason why pot should be legalized!

One thing is for certain, this is a complete waste of your time.

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I bet you can’t give me one good reason why pot should be legalized!

I don’t like marijuana. Never did. The truth is, if you are doing it, you are doing so to escape from something and if you deny that fact, then you might have an issue with it yourself. Be honest, “Why else would you do it?” Is it because it makes you feel good? Does it help you unwind? Take you away from something? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then you undoubtedly have something in your world that you are having difficulty coping with.

My views on pot have evolved over the years. This is due to the fact that I have been in this field long enough to have a clearer understanding of how the addict mind works.  As someone who suffers from substance use disorder, I know firsthand why someone would want to feel as something other than themselves. The reason is an inability to cope with something that is going on in your life and after that first hit, this is always the reason to return to any drug.

So the question is, Should it be made legal?

For those that suffer from chronic pain, YES. For anyone else, NO!!! There is no reason for anyone else to use marijuana other than for the relief of pain.

If we can develop the architecture to correctly manage its use for those that are suffering from chronic pain then yes, we should make it legal but for them only. Let’s bring in the FDA, set some standards, and make it “OK” for those people that really need it.

But for everyone else. NO WAY!  Do you want a neighbor that continuously smokes pot? I sure don’t. What do you think they will do when they discover that pot no longer works for their needs? Not everyone who smokes pot turns into an addict but there is a small chance that neighbor will turn to some other mind altering substance to help them cope through their problem. I can assure you, something bad is always going down in every crack house I have ever been in. A crack house is not what I want in my neighborhood.

It’s sad but I bet that in the few states where POT is legal, for every one person that really needs it; I imagine 10 others don’t. As far as the most argued reason to make pot legal for taxation purposes, I have yet to see real metrics to back up how beneficial similar taxes have helped our communities. The alcohol and cigarette taxes have never negated the cost of helping and treating people addicted to those substances. Need pot to relax you? Horrible argument. Try going to the gym to naturally release your stresses and afterward take a hot shower. That’s relaxing. So far the argument to make pot legal has been nonsense.

In my opinion, anything that is hurting our children, like pot should be kept illegal. Again, with the exception of those that suffer from chronic pain. Pot does indeed harm our nation’s youth. In fact, a small study performed by researchers at McLean Hospital in Boston suggests that children who start using marijuana before age 16 are at higher risk of long-term brain damage than those who start later, The Boston Globe reported.  The study tested the mental flexibility and focus of 59 young people from Boston, of whom 33 used marijuana. Among those tested smokers who began using before age 16 had significantly impaired abilities to perform simple tasks, when compared to other users and to non-users. In addition, users who began smoking marijuana before age 16 consumed three times as much of it each week than did smokers who started using after age 16. Source: Council on Alcoholism and Addictions of the Finger Lakes

People across the county will always use drugs like pot to help them cope through life issues.  I used to be one of these people, but today I have become strong enough to deal with my issues utilizing the tools I’ve learned to cope without drugs. Pot isn’t a killer but my stinkin thinkin sure was. My thinking that there should be times when if I wanted to, I should be able to catch a buzz and  not 100% like myself.  But that is all wrong. Something is wrong when you are trying to avoid being who you are at any given moment. Our best bet is to offer the continued education against using marijuana and to help those that suffer from the disease of addiction see the hope that lies beyond it. There are many organizations out there that are doing just this. NCADD, SAMSHA, DRUGFREE.ORG, PREVENTION-FIRST, and LIFESTREAM are wonderful places to find the answers you might need. They are there to help us overcome our struggles and teach us the tools we need to cope through life’s most difficult times and without the use of the dangerous drugs such as marijuana.

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Super Star

About me: I am Super Star (yes, that is my legal name). I have earned that name – and accomplished what many people would consider impossible – because I chose to stay sober one day at a time. I left the crack houses to mingle with Hollywood’s elite, ending up working with all of my childhood musical heroes, and have now found my purpose in life after surviving an almost 15-year battle with the disease of addiction.

Currently, I am an advocate for kids in recovery from substance abuse (and prevention as well) in Malibu, California, as well as from my home in Chicago, a sober companion to many, director of a non-profit that helps those struggling with recovery, and passionate speaker to kids about the issues of drugs and addiction.

I am also an author and musician. I am currently finishing my work on the book, “The First 30 Days to Serenity: The Essential Guide to Staying Sober,” which can be pre-ordered here. I have also just wrapped up the recording of Serenity, a first-of-its-kind CD created in conjunction with my twin brother Rock Star solely to combat addiction. “Serenity,” was produced by a Grammy-winning producer and features many of our musical heroes, who have come together to help us tell our story in an effort to help others through their own addiction struggles. Guests on our CD include current and former members of bands such as Kiss, Heart, The Goo Goo Dolls, Dokken, Trans-Siberian Orchestra as well as many more. It rocks – musically and inspirationally – and can be found here

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High school motivational speaker, Super Star, yes that’s his legal name, was once a former owner/president of a successful cutting-edge computer consulting firm and he lost it all to a 15 year drug addiction. Super Star has since left his life on the streets in pursuit of recovery so he could mingle with Hollywood’s elite and follow his dreams. He has subsequently rebuilt his life with a purpose and commitment and now devotes his time to inspire others to move beyond destructive behaviors including anti-substance use campaigning and personal coaching. In his quest, he legally changed his name to Super Star so that people would remember his message and guess what? It’s working! To learn more about Super Star and his programs please visit

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